B and You, the low-cost brand of the operator, has presented a package to 9.99 euros per month offering unlimited communications and SMS but without mobile Internet.

This is an offer that could change the situation in a mobile market very heckled since the beginning of the year with the arrival of Free. B and You, the low-cost brand of Bouygues Telecom, presented this Tuesday a package without commitment – and therefore without phone – allowing unlimited communications and SMS for the sum of 9.99 euros per month.

For this price, the mobile Internet is not included. But the target is not that of mobile users. “Almost half of French people do not use mobile Internet” recalls Caroline Lehericey, B and You director. These are of course those consumers that the offer to 9.99 euros per month target. “Previously, s’ they wanted unlimited communications, people were forced to take the offer at 19.99 euros ” , even if they did not use the mobile Internet, according to the manager. From now on, they will be able to pay 10 euros less.

The cheapest market:

A real pavement in the pool of Orange and SFR, but especially the last arrived in the mobile. With the cheapest offer of Free -facially at 2 euros – when a customer spends 10 euros and therefore makes out-of-package calls, he enjoys 3 hours of communication and 260 SMS. For the first time, B and You, which had 570,000 customers in early September, is the cheapest on the market in France. What makes the competitors talk, accusing Bouygues Telecom of selling off its mobile plans. ”  It’s a desperate attempt to win back customers by being very aggressive on call rates , ” says a mobile operator, as the segment of people who do not use mobile Internet shrinks.

It must be said that the Bouygues Group subsidiary, very destabilized by Free Mobile’s discount offers, is in a difficult situation: it lost 450,000 customers in the first six months of the year, its gross operating surplus was fell 16% in the first half. And the fall may not stop there.

risks for Bouygues:

With this offer, the calculation of the leaders of Bouygues Telecom is clear: cut the grass under the feet of Free Mobile trying to seduce its customers who do not use the mobile Internet and pay 19.99 euros per month. “Free has bipolarized the market, with a bid at 2 euros with one hour of communications and one at 20 euros all unlimited. In a clever way, Bouygues Telecom is putting an innovative offer in the meantime and putting a lot of pressure on its competitors, ” says St├ęphane Dubreuil, director at SIA Partners, but the interest of the offer does not stop there. attract customers of virtual mobile operators and customers who today have a prepaid card.

Bouygues Telecom will he earn money with this package? Yes, say the leaders, arguing that the commercial costs are very low, the customer relationship being made on the Internet and the mobile is not subsidized. But undeniably, Bouygues Telecom takes two risks. First of all, to see its turnover drop even more. What prompted the operator to be a little cautious: “This package will be marketed until January 28. We want to see how many customers we will have on this date and what their uses will be “said Benoit Torloting, Head of Digital Activities at Bouygues Telecom. Then, the operator gives more and more the impression to make B and You his flagship offer. In any case, the price war in the mobile is not over. And the effects of the arrival of Free are still felt on the market.