You can loot in the multiplayer campaign: 50% of the resources contained in the gold mines and in the Elixir Extractor , 75% of the black elixir of the Black Elixir Forester , between 4 and 6% of the black elixir of the  Black Elixir Reservoir , between 0 and 20% of the reserves of gold and elixir reserves and 100% of the resources of the HDV . These percentages decrease if your opponent ‘s HDV level is lower than yours and vice versa.

You gain a star by destroying  your opponent ‘s HDV or destroying 50% of their village. At this point you have won and you can end the battle with a star, or continue fighting to win the other two stars. The second star is achieved when you reach the other initial goal (either the destruction of the HDV or the destruction of 50% of the opposing village). You get the third star by destroying your opponent’s entire village (decorations and walls not included).

You get the total amount of trophies shown at the top left of the screen only if you get 3 stars to attack. Best is to have the 3 stars. the barracks continue to train troops when you attack an enemy village, so it is wise to order the formation of troops for the next attack before attacking a village. I wish you a good game ..

Once you have deployed troops on the battlefield, they will not come back, even if they survive. Only  Heroes are an exception to the rule.

You can tell if the X-Bow  is programmed to target only land units or air units by looking at whether the X-Bow is elevated. You can also know if it is empty or full by looking for a rope around the bow. See the Arc-X page   for images.

You can also find out if the Hell Tower  is operational by looking at its color. You can also know if it is set in multi mode depending on the shape around the flame. See  Hell’s Tower for pictures.

Although attacking people with a level of City Hall  higher than yours saves you more loot, it also allows the enemy to take revenge after.

The Lightning Spell  can be used to weaken or destroy  Defensive Buildings or to destroy some kind of troops  from Clan Castle .

You can use Goblins  to trigger a camouflaged Tesla ,  Spring Trap, or Bomb.

Be wary of people who have put their city hall outside the village. If you attack them, they will take revenge and attack you when you have a lot of resources.

Do not center your Healing Spell  on a moving target. Use it in front of them to be sure that they will stay in their field of action and that the spell will not be wasted. This technique is also recommended for the  Rage Spell .

Never underestimate a hole in enemy defense,  Traps may be there.

Several Lightning Spells  at level 4 or higher can easily destroy a  Mortar or a Sorcerer’s Tower . If these defenses are next, use your  Lightning Spell to destroy both at once.

If you are of a very high standard and you are cunning, it will be almost impossible to win defenses, so make a village to minimize the lost trophies by putting your Worker Sheds  and your spells factory inside the walls because they have very few hit points, and can easily win percentages to your opponents.

Pay close attention to the clan castle , very strong troops can hide in it

In order to progress well and have a good village, it would be better to max out your village, that is to say to increase all your buildings including ( traps , ramparts and if you have heroes ) to the maximum possible level for your city โ€‹โ€‹hall .

Use a goblin or archer , a pig is also the case (it can reach more easily the center of the village) within reach of the clan castle to be able to get out the troops. Draw them into a corner of the card so they can be easily removed.

Another tip that is to protect your elixir and black elixir. When your military camps are full and you will disconnect because (example ๐Ÿ™‚ you go to sleep, you can fill your barracks troops (I advise the sappers ), which will make you decrease in elixir and people attacking you do not will not be able to steal it. During your first connection to the game the next day, remove the troops from your barracks and get your elixir !! I advised above to use the sappersbecause these are troops that are quite expensive in number and do not take much space, you can save a lot of elixir. You can now do the same with spell plants to protect the elixir and black elixir.